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Travel expert and businessman Jubril Agoro has been filming his travels for years. He has built a following of roughly 32,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 25,000 on Instagram. Now, with his own travel company, Agoro is trying to inspire and educate others on how to travel. 


With a background in digital marketing and an endless amount of wanderlust, Agoro, nicknamed “Mr. Think Outside of the Box,” has been travelling for the last eight years. 


Agoro has been recording and sharing his travel experiences for others to enjoy. His main goal is to encourage people to travel, showcasing just how easy and cheap it is.


“I like to show how affordable it is. So many people have this perception that if you’re travelling you gotta be ballin’, and that’s not the case,” Agoro said in an interview with Media Mangy. “You can do a whole month there and live a good life for like $2,000 a month.” 


Agoro never intentionally set out to make his travel expertise into a business. It started with a passion of showing people the world. “I just started filming with my own little $200 Canon camera,” he said. He has now gone from uploading his own recordings to signing a TV deal in L.A. 


Agoro has also founded the company Passport Heavy, which is all about what it takes to travel comfortably and affordably. Their mission is “To influence a new narrative in media, so as to break down old views allowing people to experience the world more authentically.”


With his company and drive, Agoro has made strides as his own travel journalist. With years of filming and sharing his adventures with viewers, he is quickly becoming a household name. Get educated on what it takes to travel by Agoro and Passport Heavy today. 


You can follow Agoro on YouTube and Instagram. You can also follow Passport Heavy on Facebook and YouTube. 

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Written By: Lindsey Lanham 

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