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Michelle Quick- A Mogul, Mother, and Contemporary Housewife

A mogul, reality show star, and a wife- Michelle Quick is taking charge and taking the world by storm all while being a mother raising young children. Michelle is aiming to find the balance between being a wife, being a mother, and also living out her dreams. While doing so, Michelle is quickly breaking stereotypes and is determined to set the bar high as a modern day mommy mogul. Michelle revealed her truths, and how she juggles taking care of her family and her career when she sat down with Destiny Good, the Sr. Publicist of Media Mangy.

Married to football player Brian Quick, Michelle Quick has the eyes of the world on her. A former cast member of WAGS LA, Michelle welcomed the world into her life with grace. Sharing her life, passions, and family with the world she has quickly become the inspiration to thousands of people around the world. She’s an entrepreneur, but she’s also a mother who is involved in her husband’s career as well as involved in the life of her children and their education. Because of this, Michelle is a self-proclaimed new- conventional housewife, and she wants to change the pattern.

Michelle is currently working on several different projects, to which each one is special to her. Michelle revealed that she’s currently in the process of launching her beauty line called “Get Glammed” after several years, with its first project being eyelashes. When discussing it, Michelle revealed that her choice to start off with Get Glammed Lashes is due to her love of eyelashes and went on to say that her eyelashes are what define her. Michelle is also working on Sheer Gear Handbags that are both stylish and stadium approved, hoping to bring her own twist to bags. In addition to sharing family receipts that will be revealed on her YouTube channel.

However, Michelle Quick is a mother who is dedicated to her family. Michelle revealed that as a mother, she pushes her children to achieve their dreams and stay true to what makes them happy. Quick says that she recently started a YouTube channel with her 10-year old son, to which she admits that she reminds him that numbers and popularity are not important but that happiness and passion are what’s most important. Michelle lives her lives doing what makes her happy and allowing her faith to keep her strong and dedicated to her goals, and passes down those beliefs to her children. However, Michelle went on to say that her excitement manifests into a lack of patience, as she’s so excited to make her dreams come true that she wants it to happen quickly- but she is definitely learning to have patience.

Taking inspiration from her children, Michelle works hard to be a role model for her kids, and that begins with achieving her dreams. Michelle admitted to including her children in her work, such as showing them the process of launching a beauty line and even including them in conversation with people overseas. She says she does this so they can see her achieving her dreams, so that one day, they will fight to achieve theirs. Michelle extends this message to everyone and wants the world to know that regardless of your age you can still achieve your dreams at your own pace and at your own balance.

As a mom and wife in the spotlight, Michelle is someone who others around the world can relate to. She’s a mom and a wife, who is determined to learn how to prioritize and give time to her family while also allowing herself to accomplish her goals in life. When discussing it, Michelle shared that mothers are given but do not give enough to themselves and their dreams- but Michelle does for both her self and her children. She wants others around the world to know that it’s important to be the best versions of you, be kind, and to create your own balance and truth. Her mission in life is to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to go after what they want and do it with kindness and love.

In closing Michelle leaves us with a few valuable nuggets for mothers, entrepreneurs, wives and businesswomen to take away. Her advice QQ is to find your own balance, don’t compare yourself to others and to accomplish your dreams on your own terms just as she has. Michelle also states “People say when you have kids your life end but I always say when one life ends another one begin, there’s really no timeline to do things.” This mommy mogul is authentic, natural, and that is how she has become a new-conventional housewife and believes that is how other people can break stereotypes and achieve their own dreams.

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